Thursday, May 8, 2008

Maxis Message Plus

Maxis recently launched a very unique sms service called Message Plus. With just RM1 per month, maxis users can control, personalize and automate their short message service.

This service consist of 3 key features namely Sms Blacklist, SMS Auto-Reply and SMS Copy.

The SMS Blacklist in my opinion is a god sent. Maxis claim that this anti-spam or blacklist feature is the first to be offered by a mobile operator in the world.

With this new feature we can now block all those annoying spams as well as block desperate ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, annoying friends, stalkers and other pests from sms'ing us rubbish and pollute our phone with unwanted reading material. Nevertheless, you better pray hard that these pest uses Maxis operator since you can only block people using maxis line (i.e 012, 0142 and 017). To the pest out there, go change to Digi if you want to stalk your prey. If you are like totally famous or infamous with 100's of pest down your throat, then you may be out of luck as well since you are only allowed to block 100 numbers.

Its also worth to note that, blacklisted numbers will not know that they are blacklisted.

To activate this feature, follow the steps as shown from the diagram below.

Next is the SMS Auto-Reply.

Just say you are abroad or in a meeting and can't reply your sms'es, this nifty feature allows you to set a standard or personalized auto-reply message to attend to all your incoming messages. So useful if your in the toilet and having constipation, this feature can totally help you out while you concentrate your full attention to expunged unwanted waste from your body.

To activate this feature, follow the steps as shown from the diagram below.

Finally we got the SMS Copy.

If you are using a crappy phone with no color screen then this may be a feature for you. Why? crappy phone without color screen surely won't have sms forwarding feature right? Then again I might be wrong so shoot me.

Anyways, this feature allow you to automatically copy everyone the message that you wish to share. You can customize who and to whom the message will be forwarded to. In short, forward messaging service lah.

To activate this feature, follow the steps as shown from the diagram below.

All this for a whopping RM1. Nice feature to have get right?

So get your lazy fingers moving and subscribe to the service by typing "MENU" and send to 21000, then reply with "1".

That's all folks.

P.S Maxis didn't pay me to do advert for them but this service is something pretty useful. I am playing around with the blacklist now. Haha


haan said...

hey appreciate this post coz I'm not a maxis subscriber :) my comments are as follows. however, RM1 per month for all 3 services seems okay.

blacklist -

"first to be offered by a mobile operator in the world" - not true. maybe first in malaysia.

can block only maxis line - hmm, seems not good enough.

hey, u try to act as a blacklisted SMS sender and require for DR. See if u get a DR saying successful SMS delivery?

auto reply -

you just don't bring your mobile phone to toilet. this will solve the prob without this feature.

is 5 cents more expensive than a normal SMS (maxis to maxis)? intra digi SMS only costs 1 cent. not sure about maxis.

SMS copy -

why do u relate phone without colour screen to the feature ah? no colour screen, cannot copy? why u think so?

maxis still doesn't allow u to copy to email, hehe

izzat said...

but isn't they are the one who also sent all those spam sms? I received a lot of them recently. Asking me to subcribe to this service, that service. Its annoying!

Chee Hoe said...

Wow, appreciate your long reply too.

I'll try to get a friend to sms me and see if that works

On the phone to toilet and the colour screen thing, its suppose to be light humour. I guess I must have failed miserably there... lol

I think I know which telco company your working with now :P

Yes, maxis do send out a lot of rubbish to their users. I guess all the other telco's are doing the same as well but for me the blacklist helps to block some unwanted sms by people that you don't want to be in contact with.

haan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
haan said...

i dont work for telco la :)

Chee Hoe said...

Your not?

Somehow I thought your working in telecommunications.

So what do you do anyway? :)

haan said...

i'm with one of the telco's vendors :)

Anonymous said...

Maxis is hardworking,could i recive COPY sms fm Digi Maxis just like friend finder.... appreciate if you could answer my question.

azyshazrynashiraz said...

mcm mane nk buat copy all massage..
tanpa dyer tau..

Anonymous said...

I've subscribed this. But i want to cancel it. How if i want to cancel? Need your help.

Chee Hoe said...

Try going to maxis centre and get them to help you

Anonymous said...

does blacklist service also blocking MMS? need feedback about this. thank you.

apiez said...

hei, i want to know something about the maxis message plus.. can a hotlink user use that service? pls pm at

apiez said...

hei, i want to know something about the maxis message plus.. can a hotlink user use that service? pls pm at

apiez said...

only postpaid users can use this service isn't? how about prepaid users?

Anonymous said...

To cancel the message plus service:
Type MENU and send to 21000,
then show a menu,
reply 5 "unsubscribe"
to cancel this service.

Anonymous said...

digi to digi can do or cant copy sms?

Anonymous said...

Hai...i nak copy semua sms yang diterima bf i..tanpa perlu dia contoh copy message yang u tunjukan tu perlu di lakukan dalam hp siapa? Bf I ke hp I..thnk you